25. maj. 2018. | 11:16

NGO Aktiv presents new policy paper

NGO Aktiv published a comprehensive policy paper on the topic of access to citizenship in Kosovo.  The paper covers issues related to obtainment of Kosovo citizenship and the challenges that many members of the Serbian community face in the application process.  Research uncovered a large number of cases of Kosovo Serbs who have been either refused or unable to obtain citizenship due to the fact that they are not in possession of documentation that is considered to be valid by the Kosovo government. Based on their research, Aktiv issued a comprehensive set of recommendations geared at central institutions in the goal of easing access to citizenship.

On Thursday, the 24th of May the paper was presented by NGO Aktiv publically in Pristina, the presentation was followed by a panel discussion with guests Rada Trajković, former member of the Kosovo Assembly and Arben Sejdaj of the European Centre for Minority Issues.  The presentation was attended by various representatives of embassies, international missions and non-governmental organizations. 

The document can be accessed here: