4. August. 2022. | 11:57

Aber – informative app for non-majority communities

Status: Ongoing

Overall objective:
Filling the key gaps in terms of available information offered by local/central level institutions and mechanisms for protection of the rights of non-majority communities in their native language through comprehensive digital awareness raising campaign and positive advocacy initiatives.

Project Outcomes:
Outcome I. DIGITAL AWARENESS RAISING CAMPAIGN, RESULTING IN Greater awareness and knowledge among members of non-majority communities in Kosovo of their legal rights and mechanisms on protecting them;

Outcome II. POSITIVE ADVOCACY EFFORTS, RESULTING IN Tackling or resolving of some of the key issues and problems facing non-majority communities, carried out by local and central level institutions and facilitated by the Empirika platform.


The Aber app is available for download on following platforms: Android (Google Play) and iOS (Apple Store).


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