14. December. 2021. | 03:57

Trend Analysis 2021: Attitudes of the Serbian Community in Kosovo

On December 14, at the event held in Pristina, the NGO Aktiv presented the results of the “Trend Analysis 2021: Attitudes of the Serbian Community in Kosovo” research, which highlights the main social, economic, and political trends in the society in which Serbs live in Kosovo.

The key speakers at the event were Emilija Rexhepi, Deputy Prime Minister, Nenad Talic, former adviser at the Ministry of Communities and Returns, and Tatjana Lazarevic, editor-in-chief of the KOSSEV portal, who analysed the situation of Kosovo Serbs in Kosovo and commented the main findings.

Executive Director of NGO AKTIV, Miodrag Milicevic, while assessing the main conclusions of the research pointed out that Serbian community is pessimistic about socio-political trends in Kosovo, while the trust in the Kosovo institutions is low and declining, with the growing feeling of insecurity.

According to Milicevic, the deterioration in the perception of security refers to periodic interethnic incidents, which are mainly explained by the harsher rhetoric between Belgrade and Pristina.

“A sense of personal security is a key prerequisite for creating a climate of mutual trust both at the individual level and with institutions”, Milicevic said.

The analysis of trends showed a continuous desire of mostly young and middle-aged citizens to leave Kosovo, and the data show that almost half do not see themselves in the next 5 years in Kosovo, which is also known as a “silent migration”.

Numerous violations of the rights of the Serbian community were recorded during 2021, from access to information of public importance to language anomalies and interethnic incidents during the first wave of the pandemic.

The opportunity was missed, and instead of a common denominator - effective suppression of the pandemic, this issue was turned into a ground for political skirmishes. As a result, 95% of Serbs have been vaccinated in the Republic of Serbia.

“It could be said that the main message is how key political actors have forgotten about the people, and for who knows how many times the political interest has prevailed over the interest of the citizens, and the society cannot record an improvement until this is changed”, Milicevic concluded.

The main findings:

89% of respondents believe that the situation in Kosovo is not going in the right direction

74% of respondents believe that the security situation in Kosovo is bad

47% of respondents believe that the Association of Serbian Municipalities will not be formed

70% of respondents point out that they do not feel free to express their political views publicly

47% of respondents do not see themselves in Kosovo in the next five years

65% of respondents believe that of the international actors, Russia is the best defender of the interests of Serbs in Kosovo

95% of respondents were vaccinated in health care institutions in Serbia

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