18. September. 2020. | 01:27

Podcast EP 02: Bilingualism in Kosovo between norm and reality (VIDEO)

Respect for language rights in Kosovo is always a pertinent issue.

The pandemic crisis has once again shed light on the failure of institutions to provide a timely translation of information into Serbian at key moments, thereby putting members of the Serb and other non-majority communities in Kosovo at a disadvantage.

What does the official equality of the Albanian and Serbian languages mean and what obligations does it create for institutions in Kosovo? What are the most common forms of violation of official bilingualism and what consequences do they leave for Kosovo residents who speak Serbian?

Journalist Anđelka Ćup, lawyer Predrag Miljković and Ognjen Gogić from the NGO Aktiv will speak about these and other topics in the second edition of the video-series PROMAJA.

Podcast EP 02