19. February. 2020. | 09:49

Call or expression of interests/application

NGO AKTIV is pleased to announce the forthcoming launch of the program “Amplifying local voices for equitable development", (here and after ALVED) implemented in consortium of several partners from UK, Europe and the region. In preparation for the project takeoff, AKTIV is encouraging an eligible candidate to express the interests/apply for the positions of

  1. Project Manager (duration 24+ months)
  2. Public Communication Officer (24+ months)


This announcement is presented in a form of call for expression of interests due to non-finalized conditions of the assignment, namely duty station, geographical area of operations, compensation details etc. This essential elements will be determined in project inception phase that started 01 Feb 2020. However, the candidates selected for interview will be able to acquire close estimation of these element, in situ, by AKTIV representatives

General requirements for both positions are:

  • At least 3 years of experience at similar tasks in civic sector in Kosovo or and Serbia
  • Knowledge of Serbian language (native speakers or full operational proficiency) is ESSENTIAL due to the nature of the intervention (direct communication with grass root Kosovo Serb communities)
  • Extensive insightfulness in main sociopolitical tendencies and features of Kosovo with focus on Kosovo Serb community.

For Project Manager

Main responsibilities

  • In coordination with project partners, take the lead responsibility for developing, implementing, improving, monitoring and evaluating program intervention ;
  • Develop, nurture, and maintain effective partnership with various stakeholders, with an aim of improving Project aims and goals;
  • Lead and coordinate the Project Team in implementation of Project’s goals: with a special focus on improving, monitoring and evaluating actions focused at increase of participation of citizens in decision making process selected municipalities, interethnic cooperation and mainstreaming the positive narratives between ethnic communalities in Kosovo.
  • Assure application of  practices, quality assurances tools and principles adopted in Aktiv’s program implementation system;
  • Submitting monthly reports about the activities, events and progress made within Project, including minutes and recommendations in relation to the Project’s goals;
  • Perform other tasks per instructions from Aktiv’s Executive and Program Director.

We are looking for candidates who:

  • hold at least a bachelor’s degree in relevant social studies,
  • are well acquainted with dynamics of Kosovo ethnic relations, dominating political challenges, as well as specific challenges faced by Serbian and other non-majority communities in Kosovo
  • are familiar with specifics, obstacles and opportunities in reconciliation process Kosovo/Serbia
  • Have at least three years of experience in CSO sector, preferably with a two years’ experience in project management and team-leader experience;
  • Are fluent in English. NOTE: proficiency in Serbian language is obligatory
  • Great communicational and leading skills;
  • Perform well under pressure and against short deadlines.

For Public Communication Officer

  • Main responsibilities
  • Participate in development and implementation of communication strategies for the SPPSK Program in close cooperation with project partners, members of consortium
  • Build upon existing and develop new contacts with media outlets in Kosovo and Serbia to assure functional information dissemination channels
  • Participate in development and conduct of audience-reach surveys in cooperation with partners
  • Assume other position-related tasks under ALVED Program
  • Undertake strategic actions/efforts aimed at increased reports of media on AKTIV activities and initiatives
  • Run AKTIV main web and social media channels (AKTIV main website, main channels of leading social media platform) in the manner that portrays the diversity and specifics of AKTIV work
  • Tutor the AKTIV project personnel in efficient social-media and web communication
  • writing and producing presentations and press releases
  • dealing with enquiries from the public, the press, and related organizations
  • organizing and attending promotional events such as press conferences, open days, exhibitions, tours and visits

We are looking for candidates :

  • of relevant academic background (journalisms, public relations etc)
  • with experience in non-profit marketing
  • possess excellent, interpersonal, presentation, IT and communication skills in English and Serbian both orally and in writing
  • are well acquainted with dynamics of Kosovo ethnic relations, dominating political challenges, as well as specific challenges faced by Serbian and other non-majority communities in Kosovo
  • Perform well under pressure and against short deadlines

Albeit not determine at this point, successful candidates will be offered motivating compensation package (higher salary grades) apposite to derogated responsibilities. 

Interested candidates are invited to send their CVs and motivational letters to: applications@ngoaktiv.org.

Deadline for application is February 28th. Successful candidates need to be ready for an interview shortly after the expiration of the deadline.

AKTIV reserve the rights to change position ToR and responsibility, retract the call for application etc ONCE the DETAIL operational plan of project is adopted.