3. shtator. 2020. | 9:57

The Stardust - Memory Project

Status: Finished

The project will address history of families that lived in both parts of the divided city of Mitrovica, with a historical overview of this conflictual area in a peaceful and reconciliatory manner. Key issues that the project will address are the following:
- personal histories and the history of the city,
- artistic expression of personal histories and
- reconciliatory power of artistic expression through individual approach.

By unveiling intimate and private elements in the public space, the stardust - memory project creates links between people and times, thus offering a contemporary evocation of what constitutes the society of humans, beyond geographical and temporal boundaries.

The project is financed by Swiss Embassy in Pristina, City of Lausanne, EU Office in Pristina and artist Sophie Guyot.

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Stardust Mitrovica: opening event

4. tetor. 2021. | 1:55