Welcome to NGO Aktiv

Aktiv was founded in the divided city of Mitrovica. Since its inception in 2009, Aktiv has successfully implemented an array of projects and has become an active part of local civil society. It has cooperated with a number of both regional and international NGO’s and has played a vital role in the political and social development of N. Kosovo. With a growing presence in the local community and with an expanding network of partners, Aktiv has been able to increase the scope and scale of its projects.

Mission statment


Aktiv aims to enable the meaningful involvement of the Kosovo Serb community in the construction of a participatory, peaceful, and prosperous future for the region.


Progressive and vibrant Kosovo communities where durable development, based on respect for human rights, is undertaken by empowered individuals and institutions in open, transparent, and democratic procedures.


Diverse project work that either implements change directly, or empowers individuals and local CSOs to do so. In accordance with our values, we strive for complete transparency in all our ventures and mainstream gender and vulnerable groups’ rights and interests in the core of the intervention design process. All stages of our projects are developed in consultation with our board members, beneficiaries and employees, as well as with CSOs in order to ensure that local needs are met and, as such, that the impact of our projects will be lasting.


Objective 1 - To provide sustainable framework for civic participation and democratic decision-making on local and central institutional level in Kosovo.
Objective 2 – To fortify the commitment of local and central level institutions to human rights principles and democratic decision-making.
Objective 3 – To facilitate sustained economic progress in Kosovo communities.
Objective 4 – To improve cross-community relationships in Kosovo.
Objective 5 – To reinvigorate the local tradition of positive cultural engagement.