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Civic energy center- CEC


Filming of TV show "Sporazoom"- The current socio-political moment of the Serbian community in Kosovo

Programme guests: Aleksandar Djikic, member of the Serbian National Forum, Nenad Rasic, former Minister in the Kosovo Government and Slavisa Ristic, member of the National Assembly of Serbia.

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Civic Energy Center, Mitrovica North


Forum Future - May 25th at 12 o'clock

On the 25th of May NGO Aktiv will hold they first 'Forum Future' during which the historical collaboration between Serbs and Albanians will be discussed.
Aleksandar Pavlovic, Researcher at the Institution for Philosophy and Social Theory, University of Belgrade
Shkelzen Gashi, Political Scientist and author of the book "The History of Kosovo in School Textbooks on the Histories of Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia."
Milos Damjanovic, Doctoral Student in History
Joanna Hanson, author of 'New Perspectives'.

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Hotel Sirius, Prishtine/Priština


Policy Paper Presentation: Access to Citizenship in Kosovo

NGO Aktiv will present their latest policy paper on the topic of access to citizenship in Kosovo on Thursday, the 24th of May in Hotel Sirius in Prishtine/Priština.  The problem of obtaining/acquiring Kosovo citizenship papers has proved to be challenging for many members of the Kosovo Serb community for a variety of different reasons that will be covered over the course of the presentation.  After a presentation of the paper and Aktiv's policy recommendations for changes in institutional practices there will be able a panel discussion involving various experts in the field. 

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Aktiv aims to enable the meaningful involvement of the Kosovo Serb community in the construction of a participatory, peaceful, and prosperous future for the region.

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